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mission and objectives

ETourism & Travel Lab (eTTLab) is an applied research laboratory focused on the study of tourism. The laboratory focuses its activities on the following guidelines:

        1. Develop applied research within the specific themes and problems of the tourism and hotel sector;

        2. Develop regional, national and international research projects in the field of their area of expertise;

        3. Provide advisory services to the community within the tourism sector;

        4. Publish and disseminate the results of applied research research in tourism, providing the dissemination of knowledge to tourism agents;

        5. Encourage entrepreneurship through their integration into creative and innovative projects;

        6. Monitor tourism indicators, especially in the tourist region of Porto and northern Portugal;

        7. Create outputs for planning higher education and training of sector personnel;

        8.  Strengthening of the Portugal brand by distinguishing it by the qualification of its human resources.